Saturday, September 22, 2012

Highlands Ranch Oktoberfest 5K Chug and Dash

Melissa and I ran in the Highlands Ranch Oktoberfest 5K Chug and Dash race this morning. The "chug and dash" part is at the end where you can drink a cup of beer and then sprint 100yard for a separate time and award (we declined that part). Bryson insisted on participating in the stroller (his last year for sure) so Melissa had to sacrifice her time for Bryson. I (unofficially) finished in :31' 13" (official results aren't published yet). Melissa finished in about :48' with Bryson and the stroller.  I was hoping to finish under 30 minutes so I guess that is a goal for the next race.  Post-race I don't feel like I did any injury to my knee, so I am optimistic I can continue to do running workouts and improve my time.


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Melissa said...

It was an accomplishment, though I won't go as far as to say it was fun to push the stroller uphill. Thanks for inviting me to do it with you. Keep up the running!